Bats in Cozumel. Key piece in the ecosystem of the Island.


The specialist, Rodrigo Medellín Legarreta, asked to demystify bats in Cozumel, since these mammals make important contributions to the balance of nature.

Medellín Legarreta gave in this island city the conference called “The Bats, Our Winged Allies” in order to demystify these animals, and that people obtain certain information about their importance for pollination, pest control and seed dispersal .

In this regard, he acknowledged the contribution of the island, to prioritize the conservation and monitoring of bats.

During the presentation the scientist mentioned that there are more than 1,300 species of bats in the world, of which 138 live in Mexico, or more than 10 percent, and there are only five countries in the world with more species.

Rodrigo Medellín at Cozumel.

On the bats in Cozumel, he stressed that about 20 species live on the Island, which makes it an ideal place to conduct research.

He said that for a long time, chiroptera have been exterminated in various parts of the world due to misinformation, linking them to myths, legends, superstitions and even, more recently, with epidemics.

However, he said that it is only and exclusively ignorance, since it is actually an animal that offers great benefits to humanity.

During his stay on the island, in addition to giving the conference, he dedicated himself to monitoring the parking area of ​​the archaeological zone of San Gervasio, where they located some species of bats for registration and follow-up, which will give continuity to a research that will soon be published in a specialized publication.

Rodrigo Medellín at Cozumel.