MSC Cruises cancels the arrival of its cruise to Cozumel, on instructions from International Health


Cancun.- While the company MSC Cruises confirmed that its Meraviglia vessel is heading to Cozumel as part of its previously scheduled route, port authorities announced that the cruise ship will not dock on the Isla de las Golondrina on International Health instructions.

Through a statement, the shipping company reported that the landing of passengers was delayed for several hours in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, and rejected in Georgetown, Grand Cayman.

The Integral Port Administration of Quintana Roo reported that the request for berthing of the MCS Meraviglia tourist cruise ship in Cozumel was canceled, which it had requested to arrive after it was denied docking at two other ports in the Caribbean.

The cancellation document of the arrival of the cruise circulated through the media and social networks.

“By means of the present and at the request of the Mediterranean Shipping Company, in the most attentive way we inform you that the M / v MCS Meraviglia tourist cruise cancels your arrival at Cozumel requested to dock at the Punta cruise outer band Lobster, Cozumel on February 27, 2020 ”, reads the letter.

The cancellation, according to the document, is due to international health instructions in Cozumel.