SEMARNAT Refuses Expansion of SSA Mexico Cruise Terminal in Cozumel (Resolutive)


The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) is the government agency whose main purpose is to constitute a State policy of environmental protection, which reverses the trends of ecological deterioration and lays the foundations for sustainable development in Mexico.

COZUMEL, Quintana Roo, September 13.- The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) rejected the environmental impact statement (MIA) entered by the SSA Mexico concessionaire, for the expansion of its terminal on this island, as it failed to comply with the process marked by law.

As it is a procedural problem (they did not publish the project statement in a newspaper within the period set by law) the environmental authority did not go into the matter to assess the viability of this project, so it will be up to the company to re-submit it to consideration.

In Red: Expansion project of the catwalk and construction of “Duque de alba” projected

SSA Mexico intended to build a platform, supported by nine columns, and gangway, with an investment of 56 million pesos, so that they can dock up to three cruise ships larger than the current ones.


During the period in which it was submitted for public consultation, Semarnat received 49 citizen questionnaires with objections to the project, most of which were “members of the municipality of Cozumel”, but also of the Sustainable Development Goal 14 of the United Nations, from the CEMDA association, and from another cruise terminal. The complaints were due to possible damage to the reef due to the works or due to the greater human activity in the area, omissions on long-term impacts, lack of mitigating measures, being inside a protected area, among others. The SSA competition claimed that the new platform would be a risk to navigation.

Location within the existing SSA Mexico dock, in the upper part in pink, extension project of the catwalk and in the lower part, also in pink extension construction project type “Duque de alba”

Additionally, after the deadline, another 73 questionnaires arrived, entered by 38 different people, which were no longer contemplated.

Neither the SSA Mexico document nor the objections were analyzed by Semarnat, as the project was rejected due to a procedural failure.

Renovated Offices

It should be noted that, in recent weeks, the offices of this terminal were virtually demolished, to be expanded and modernized. These are works outside of what was contemplated in this MIA.