City Council eliminates fireworks in the celebration of the ‘Grito de Independencia’ / Independence Day, in Tulum


Resources will be allocated for pet sterilization | It will be around 150 thousand pesos (8,300USD) of resources to be applied

TULUM, MX.- Tulum seeks to consolidate itself as a sustainable municipality, which is why the municipal president, Víctor Mas Tah, announced the elimination of pyrotechnic fires during the “Grito de Independencia” commemoration ceremony and the resources saved will go to a sterilization program of pets headed by the Health Department.

He indicated that it will be around 150 thousand pesos that will be used for the sterilization of dogs and cats, and it is intended to serve as many pets as possible that will be taken care of or, where appropriate, double the figure if the demand for the service requires it by the inhabitants of the municipal seat and the communities of Tulum.

“This decision has been taken because we have heard the voices of different animal protection organizations, who have expressed that pets are affected by the noise generated by pyrotechnics, as well as various species of birds and mammals, therefore, this aspect will be taken care of , in accordance with the purpose of making Tulum a sustainable municipality, ”he emphasized.

He said that the program will be announced in the coming days and will be carried out in the House of Culture, where specialists will attend to carry out the sterilization work, based on the agreements reached by the councilor Eva Rocha Geded with the animal protection organizations.

Press Conference

Finally, the municipal president, Víctor Mas Tah, mentioned that these actions will be protecting the animals and also the safety of the businesses in the area that could catch fire due to the sparks generated by the fireworks and invited the citizens to come to the celebration of the “Grito de Independencia” on September 15, to the concert of the Rio Roma duet and to the civic parade of September 16. (Source: Tulum City Hall)